Curriculum Objectives

English Curriculum Objectives:

In a fast changing society like Hong Kong, innovative measures have to be introduced to meet new challenges we face in our daily life.

As one's attitude and perception of learning affect learning outcome greatly, we have to foster a positive attitude and confidence in using English. Therefore our main objective of the subject is to devise and select ways which are suitable to our needs to enhance the teaching and learning of English. 

We arouse students' interests and increase their motivation in learning English through a wide variety of learning activities.  Besides, we enable students to develop competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Moreover, we promote self-directed learning and encourage autonomy learning. To enhance students' higher order thinking skills, we facilitate students' language learning by using multimodal resources effectively. We also embed values education in English Curriculum.  


2020-2021 English Subject Learning Targets:

1. To further enhance students’ self-directed learning skill

2. To integrate drama education, reading across the curriculum and Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) into the school-based English curriculum

3. To provide students with more diverse learning experiences and situations

4. To integrate different positive values and attitudes into the mainstream teaching

5. To help students develop a sense of accomplishment in learning English